Coast Magazine / May 2013

Coast is a national magazine celebrating the lives and lifestyles of coastal dwellers. We are lucky enough to have been included in their June issue, with the front cover image and a feature article about one of our workshop courses. If you'd like to find out about the experience of joining us and building one of your own boards, grab yourself a copy - they're on sale now (3rd of May).

Coast Magazine

My Cornwall / April 2013

In this issue of My Cornwall, there's a little write-up of where we are and what we do on page 41 and they've used one of our images for the whole page, so thanks to Mat Arney for taking that one.

My Cornwall

Surfgirl / July 2012

If you pick up this month's issue of Surfgirl and find yourself oogling at a wooden board inside, it's one of ours! Sarah Bentley picked up our little 5'8 Whiz Twin and a handplane to add to an extensive selection of boards for testing in some clean head high waves with help from Holly Donnelly and Alexa Poppe.


The Surfer’s Path / Issue 89 / February 2012

In this issue of The Surfer's Path, Alex Dick-Read wrote a great piece about his experiences with one of our crescent tail handplanes. "Nowadays I can take off and actually ride waves from start to finish, pulling into barrels and pulling out of them occasionally too, it seems that little bit of planing surface makes a big difference."

The Surfer’s Path / Issue 89

The Surfer’s Path / Issue 86 / August 2011

Alex Dick-Read, editor of The Surfer's Path, contacted us for a little interview with James to find out a little more about the ins and outs of Otter Surfboards. Lovely to see what we do and why we do it in international print.

The Surfer’s Path / Issue 86